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Stone Coated Steel Roofing System


-Factory Trained Installers

-Over 30 years of experience

-Lifetime Warranty

-Located in Illinois, Iowa, and Wisconsin

-Free estimates

Permanent Metal Solutions is a family owned-operated business.  It was founded due to the lack of performance in traditional asphalt shingles.  We were tired of installing roofs that were supposed to last for "30 years", but the customer could realistically only expect 10-12 years of performance.  We work with only the highest quality grade metal roofing available.

We are now offering a 50 Year Non-Prorated Warranty stone coated metal shingle.  The shingles are made of 26 gauge steel that has man-made ceramic granular that is baked in to the steel.  The shingles are finished off with an acrylic glaze.

The benefits of the stone coated steel roofing system include: fire resistant, class 4 hail impact resistant, 120 mph wind resistant, mold/mildew resistant, will not crack, break, rot, or split!